"Good beef jerky is not cheap and cheap beef jerky is not good"

-Da don Docta of Spice

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Beef Case Jerky

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Beef Case Jerky

Beef Case Jerky in its original state: dry, spicy, sticky with a Caribbean sweetness!

We do slabs and strips in between .5 - 2 ounces, no beef jerky pieces!

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"Survival Case" Extra Dry Long Storage

Beef Case Jerky in its original state: dry, spicy, sticky with a Caribbean sweetness, BUT extra dry for extra-long storage. We do slabs and strips in between .5 - 2 ounces, no beef jerky pieces!

"Survival Case's" are sold in 5 lb. minimums, with each pound dual-sealed with anti-moisture packs for extra protection during long-term storage.

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The Worlds #1 Spicy Beef Jerky

Try it and you'll see why!

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"Holy moly, this jerky is incredible man!It's the perfect hot flavor where there's still spice and additional taste,and not so hot it covers up all the flavors. None of my kids like spicy food EVER! Somehow my 3-year-old loves this stuff while gulping down water lol"

(later that evening)

"Dude, my wife liked it a lot and swiped my last bite of my first piece. Honest to goodness, she has never liked anything spicy for the 14yrs we've been married. You have to be some kind of sorcerer!"

-Johnathan P, Atlanta GA

"Hands-down this is the best beef jerky I've ever tried".

-Dominique R, Queens NY

"This is real beef jerky! I've tried hundreds of different jerkys over the past 45 years and I can honestly say this is one of; if not the best jerkys I've ever tried. I had no idea that my normal day of getting my hair cut would turn into a guy walking into the barbershop with a backpack full of the worlds best dried meat! I was totally caught off-guard but thankful for my new jerky plug!"

-Sam C, Riverside CA

"Whatever (crack) seasoning you put in that jerky, would you sell me some? THIS JERKY IS AMAZING!!!"

Liz R. Riverside, Ca

The One behind "beef case jerky"

The Dr. of Spice

With an honorary doctorate in Meatdehydrology from the other M.I.T., "Meat Institute of Taste" this family-owned and operated Jamaican-rooted Inland Empire business stands to set itself apart from other beef jerky brands. After 27 years in the entertainment industry, Bennett answered the calling into Seasonary. There he studied Theo-marinate-ology "The Studies of Marination," receiving another honorary Doctorate in Spice Flavoriety Arts. He's now known, as the Dr. of Spice, or "Da don Docta of Spice." With a Jamaican-rooted background, Beef Case Jerky lives up to the Caribbean tradition of being the right balance of savory and sweet. The savory's kick is similar to being kicked by the Incredible Hulk, or Samson before his locks were cut. The sweetness is like, if Stevia and Molasses had a baby named, Honey. Beef Case Jerky is for the true connoisseur of spicy jerky!

It was fun writing that, I hope you enjoyed it but in all honesty.

This was 9 years of creating a flavor of beef jerky that authentically became its own. With a Jamaican background, there is no shortage of flavor and spice but combined in a way, that they are enjoyed at different times during the eating process. Marination is an art; that we here at Beef Case Jerky, have perfected on a variety of different cuts of beef. You will recognize Beef Case Jerky as a premium beef jerky made for true connoisseurs of dried spicy meat.